A Few Of My Favorite Spring Products

Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again for that Spring clean

As Spring has sprung its a good chance to prep your skin and remove all that dry/ dull winter skin and get a nice glowing complexion for spring/ summer

Here are some great products to do that

Diamonds are a girls best friend so you should defiantly should try this luxurious  diamond peel & reveal treatment which leaves your skin glowing, reduces wrinkles and leaves your skin super soft &  hydrated

Dimond Peel & Reveal

This Diamond Peel & Reveal is a 2-step treatment which is like having a professional Microdermabrasion treatment without leaving your house. The Exfoliator contains Papain (papaya enzyme) to  lift & remove dead skin cells to reveal a rejuvenated complexion, while the Activator stimulates cell turnover with a ‘micro-vibration’ motion creates momentum to renew the skin’s surface. Advanced ‘micro-sponges’ swell to absorb minute impurities. Micronized diamonds are at the heart of the Diamond Peel & Reveal and leave skin radiant and glowing with youth. NuBo’s luxurious products are cleanly formulated and completely free of Parabens, SLS, irritating Petro-chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances.

Dimond Peel & Reveal


Home made Spring cleaner facial

This is a once in a while facial best to use after the winter or after you have been ill when your face looks dull and sallow it is very easy to do and doesn’t take much of your time with great results

All you need is a Favourite vegetable or nut oil ie Wheatgerm, avocado oil or Almond oil, Water and a Lemon

  • Start by massaging the chosen vegetable or nut oil to the entire face and neck
  • Immediately pat on gently warm water ( only a small amount)
  • For the third layer straight away pat on pure lemon juice. Wait for a minute but not long enough for the oil or lemon to dry
  • With your index & middle finger start rubbing the emulsion in a circular motion until it forms into little balls. Do this until your face looks fresh and peeled.
  • Best to do this at night-time or when you wont be in direct sunlight after
  • Not ideal for sensitive skins

Trilogy Vital moisturizer

As the weather becomes warmer its always best to change to more of a lighter moisturizer I am a big fan of some of the trilogy products which i may have mentioned in my past blogs, this vital moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated but without feeling to rich on the skin


Elemental herbology deep cleanse summer body wash

This is a lovely amazing zesty smelling body wash which also comes with an exfoliating body mitt which best to use dry

before having a shower which helps remove dry skin improves circulation and helps with cellulite

The shower gel includes Water Lily Flower helps calm irritated skin. Aloe Vera and Bisabolol for anti-inflammatory and soothing effects Essential oils of Grapefruit and Mandarin to purify the skin and balance sebum production. Green Tea helps to protect the skin and soothe redness


Exfoliating foot Mousse by Margeret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs is a Renowned foot expert with a huge celebrity following 

With having so much experience with feet and running her own clinics for over 10 years She has designed and developed her own organic Emu product range. One of top selling products includes this beautifully scented foot scrub. This Exfoliating foot moose contains Ground Tea Tree Leaf and Pumice Feel the scrub work to remove the dead layers of skin and replenish using Emu Oil,leaving your feet silky soft .

Exfoliating foot mousse



Tan Organic

What a flawless natural looking tan but without loading your body with those nasty unwanted chemicals? Try Tan Organic which is an 100% natural product

Get your body ready for summer with this natural golden glow its great for all skin tones and skin types so ideal for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema and psoriasis as it contains no synthetic ingredients and no perfumes which is the main culprit for causing allergies

Tan Organic


I hope you enjoy some of these products as much as I did!