A Few of My Favourite Homemade Hair Recipes

After having a really busy month I finally had a spare evening and really wanted to treat myself. I thought about having a relaxing bath, a nice face mask and a hair treatment but I hadn’t had the time to think about buying any nice products. Then I realized –  I could simply make my own! You can find some of the best natural treatments in your cupboards at home.

I know there are many people in the same situation, those working long hours, busy mums, or those of us who just don’t have time to research or decide what type of product to choose from the thousands out there.

Here is a guide to some quick, easy and effective recipes which you can find already sitting in your cupboards and growing in the garden.

Today I’m going to give you a couple of tips for beautiful hair. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to my blog to keep updated with more beauty tips and tricks.

Hair treatments

Hair & Scalp conditioning oil

This treatment is great for all hair types and for both men & women. A lot of our ordinary shampoos contain a lot of harsh ingredients which strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Colouring and using heat on the hair also damages and drys the hair.

This treatment is especially good for those of you who..

  • suffer from dry/ flakey scalp
  • have Dry/ brittle hair
  • Hair loss ( use rosemary)
  • Coloured hair
  • those who just want extra hydration

This is such a simple recipe to follow all you need is:

1. Favourite base oil. Such as Olive oil, sunflower oil, Almond oil,  Safflower oil, Jojoba oil

2. Flower or herb. Rosemary & Sage (great for dark hair) or Chamomile (great for blonde hair)


All you need to do is find a glass/ kilner jar with a lid, place the chosen herb or plant crush lightly so you break the herb then pour the oil make sure it covers all the herb or plant. Leave for two weeks to get best results

* Note if you want to use the treatment that day – you can place the ingredients in a glass bowl, cover it and place it  over a pan of boiling water.  Do this for 30 minutes – 1 hr

Top tips

While the oil is in the hair give yourself a nice 5/10 minute massage this will get the circulation and blood flowing. This is fantastic for those who are suffering from hair loss and would like their hair to grow quicker.

To get extra benefits soak, a towel in hot water and wrap it over the hair. This feels lovely and the heat will open the pores and penetrate the oils better into the hair

For very dry hair if you can do this once a week, ideally sleep with the oil in the hair ( use an old pillow case)

You may need to wash the hair twice to get rid of all the oil. Make sure you use a sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo

 Vinegar Hair Rinse

Vinegar rinse is used just after you wash your hair and gives it a really great shine. It helps restore the natural acid balance of the scalp and helps with dry flakey scalps.

Instructions are exactly the same as the hair oil treatment so you can do these both at the same.

Use either White wine Vinegar or Cider Vinegar

You can also play around with different flowers such as

  • Rose for dry scalp,
  • Lavender, jasmine for a lovely scent
  • Chamomile for fair and irritated scalp

Avocado Hair Mask

This treatment is perfect to use in the summer months to boost hydration back into dry/ dehydrated hair. The treatment is rich with proteins and vitamins which help hair regain its nutrition, elasticity, shine and body.  Avocados contain more than 25 essential nutrients and vitamins, such as B-vitamins – along with benefits from the other ingredients (egg yolk and Olive oil) – the treatment is perfect for conditioning the hair.

Ingredients  1 avocado, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of  Olive oil.

 Wet the hair with warm water then use the fingertips to massage the scalp.

  1. Mix (a) one mashed  Avocado, (b) the yolk of an egg and (c) a tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl.  Make sure you mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Apply the mixture to the scalp first and then down towards the ends of the hair. Separate hair into sections and then massage sections.

Leave on for 15- 20 minuts

Top tips

Only use the mask half-way through hair for oily hair.  For normal hair, once the treatment is applied, it should be separated into sections and massaged into the scalp.