New free online skincare service

Worried about your skin during lockdown?monique blog

Noticed any skin changes?

Have more time to look after your skin?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above or you’re simply looking to get the best results from your skincare routine – I’m here to help.


I’ve designed an online skin care consultation form which you can do in your own time with no cost.

Once you’ve filled out the form I will design a skin care guide for you. This will include the best techniques and products to suit your skin and how to use each individual one, as well as advising on nutrition and the best supplements.


How does the online service work?

  • Simply fill out the short questionnaire below.
  • I will contact you to arrange a date and time to go through the consultation 
  • The consultation should take about 30-60 minutes and I will be able to answer any other skin concerns you make have, which not be on the form
  • The consultation can be done virtually or by email whichever you prefer (please note that if you only want to do this via email i will need to see a picture of your skin)
  • After the appointment I will send you a skin care guide which will include what techniques and products I advise you to use and how to use them, and a few tips on the best nutrition and supplements to help with your skin 

Skin care is my passion and I have been lucky to have been working in this industry for 18 years now and I love sharing my knowledge. I don’t want you to feel obliged to buy any of the products that I recommend, and I can work around any products that you are currently using. I will give my honest opinion if the product will be helping or making the skin worse. 

Let’s work together to give you healthy, younger skin


I look forward to hearing from you


Keep safe





After the prime minsters announcement and reading the uk goverments COVID 19 recovery strategy it is still very unclear on when i will be able to start offering beauty/ facial / massage services, I know it wont be soon and after the 4th July which i agree as health, saving lives and protecting the NHS more important.

I am keeping up to date with all the health and safety regulations to make new and old clients feel safe when i can return.

For those who are still suffering with their skin or need advice on what products they should be using I am now doing a free online consultation.

Distant reiki treatments are also available for those who are feeling stressed, anxious, or suffering from any physical pain

You can also follow me on instagram & facebook @Moniquehbeauty


Missing you all very much and look forward to seeing you all very soon

Keep safe and well

Kind regards


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*New Treatment* Auricular therapy ( Ear seeds)

How Auricular Therapy Works

The art of healing with pressure over specific points on the ear is known as Ear Acupressure
or Auricular Therapy. Ear hosts over 120 acupoints that correspond to various parts of the
body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that energy pathways (or ‘qi’ or vital life
energy) pass through the ear. When you stimulate an acupoint, abundant flow of energy
returns to the related organ or area, allowing healing to take place. The ear is said to be a
micro-imitation of the human bodily system, comparing the shape of the ear to an inverted
fetus. The mapping of inverted fetus to the outer ear roughly explains the connection
between ear acupoints and their corresponding body parts.
Auricular therapy or auriculotherapy is not just simply
acupressure to unblock energy meridians of the body. Rather,
ear acupressure stimulates the nerve connections between
the ear and the central nervous system. By applying pressure
to the correct points on the external ear triggers nerve impulse
from the ear to the brain, thereby communicating powerful
healing messages to the organ or system in which the health
problem manifests. Upon stimulation, the brain releases pain-
relieving protein molecules, endorphins, into the blood stream,
soothing chronic pain and discomfort quickly and with no side

How Ear Seeds Work
Instead of using needles to stimulate the acupoints, small beads can be used to apply
pressure to the points. The seeds of natural vaccaria plants, also known as Wang Bu Lui
Xing (王不留行籽) in Chinese, are used as they are tiny enough to sit precisely over one
pressure point. The seeds are put in place using tapes.

Application of ear seeds can be
used alone or as complementary therapy to acupuncture or body acupuncture 



Desperate to Remove your gel Mani?

10% off on all products using this  unique code  PEACCIJLP7DVRJR   

* Make sure you enter this code at the checkout 


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If you have any questions about how to remove the gel or would like me to send a video, once you have ordered you can contact me @





Environ Products delivered to your doorstep

Great news!

Environ Products delivered to your doorstep

IMG_20200326_135111_021Environ can now deliver products directly to you

As we are unaware of when we can book your next facial, I can recommend home care products to keep up all the great work we achieved.

Or if you find who have more time on your hands this is a great time to start a new skin care routine

If you are unsure what products to use Free skincare consultations are available.

To place any orders or to book your free consultation contact Monique @ or message 07984351859

Look forward to hearing from you


*P&P £4.93 per order



Moulson Hair And Beauty Salon relaunch – Tuesday 14th March

Moulson hair and beauty will be having a salon relaunch on tuesday 14th March .  To pre book any treatments and rsvp contact  ‘bring a friend’

For a perfect evening enjoy champagne  & canapes

Offering complementary

*hair/colour consultations.

* shape & varnish

* Head, neck & shoulder massage

*Skin care consultatons

*receive a goodie bag

Let the experts bring out the best of you

We have teamed up with Cosmetic a la carte who will be offering 20 minute make overs

Meet international psychic medium  Jenna Leigh-Raine & Shiatsu practitioner and teacher  Matthew Levey who will be offering taster sessions

Looking forward to seeing you there

Please share this to anyone you think that maybe interested


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Winter Promotion

Winter promotion! Get your skin prepped for the party season.

Are you suffering from dry , dull skin? Or have any unwanted breakouts to heal quickly?

This is a fantastic treatment to give your skin that perfect glow .

Altogether it takes 40 minutes so you can even have this on your lunch break or just before going out. Or combine this offer while  having your hair done by one of the experienced hair stylists at the salon.

*No down time.

*Courses are available.

* recommend 2 people for this treatment and receive a free treatment


To book an appointment  please contact Monique on 07984351859

Pumpkin Mask



Wondering what to do with the left overs from your pumpkin?

As its Halloween and Thanksgiving is in couple of days, you may be tired of eating pumpkin soup or pies.

Here is a great alternative of what to do with any left overs you may have.

The Pumpkin mask is a great way to get your skin prepped for the party season, with great natural exfoliating properties it will leave your skin glowing and fresh faced.  Pumpkins are also rich in vitamins, minerals, zinc, fiber, omega 3 & 6  which will give your skin a great hydratying boost, brighten the skin, calm breakouts and soften appearance of fine lines and sun damaged skin giving you the perfect glow for the pre festive season.

Despite making their guest appearance at halloween pumpkins should be treasured all year round as a fantastic health and beauty booster.

A quick  and easy…

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Autumn Packages

MoniqueHBeauty is  now offering some great packages till the end of November

Don’t miss out on these great discounted treatments to make you feel and look great in the cold Autumn months.

I have also teamed up with the other therapists within the salon so we can now offer treatments at the same time if you wish to  make a day of it with a friend or loved one you can also receive an extra 10% when you book together.  

  • To book an appointment you can contact me via email or 07984351859