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Facial treatments are carried out in relaxing beauty room, conveniently located in Sloane Square, SW1. Mobile treatments are also available in London, or in Chelmsford, Essex. Prices may change.


About the facials

As a facialist for 16 years and a beauty therapist for 21 I have worked with and seen many skin types and conditions like acne and pigmentation. And I can design a package to suit your skin needs. If you are unsure what your skins needs, I can offer a complimentary skin consultation via  online or face to face.

All of my facials are entirely bespoke as the skin can change with internal & external influences. I use a mixture of science and nature and each treatment is tailor-made to the client’s skin. I use and recommend Environ products as well as my own homemade organic products in my treatments.

I treat all skin conditions including acne, scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, open pores, sensitive and ageing skin.

Signature facial / Maintenance, 1hr

This is the most popular facial. This is a great introduction or general maintenance either monthly or seasonally. Each clients skin is different and changes all the time so I adapt the products to give you the best results. The facial is effective leaving the skin hydrated clear and glowing as well as a relaxing experience

The facial includes a cleanse, a skin peel wash, deep pore extractions (without leaving the skin red or sore), hydrating seaweed masque, muscle work massage (natural massage facelift).  Neck and arm massage.

It is suitable for all skin types. Treats all skin conditions, and is ideal for really sensitive skins and Rosacea sufferers  *LED therapy

Dermalux LED Therapy 

Dermalux is great for a different skin condition’s, antiaging, pigmentation, scaring, acne, and can also be used on the body and help with pain.

1 treament £45   a course is recommended to see better results 

Pre party Facial, 30mins

This facial is ideal if you have a party/event or limited with time and want a quick pick me up. The lymphatic massage helps plump up the skin helps with puffiness, dark circles under the eyes.

Includes: cleanse, exfoliation treatment and lymphatic massage.

For that perfect glow. Best result every 2 weeks

Deluxe Facial, 90mins

This is the same as the signature facial but will include a lymphatic facial scalp massage and reflexology pressure points in the feet. This drains waste and toxins and leaves the skin looking fresh and glowing.

Ultimate Facial, 1hr 30mins

Bliss! Same as the deluxe facial but includes a back massage

Skin peels

Milk peel 50%  30mins £75             LED therapy add-on £25

Dermaceutic milk peel.

50% Glycolic, Latic acid, Salicylic acid     

The combination of the 3 acids give great results for acne, scarring , antiaging, fine lines & wrinkles, dry dull skin. To get full benefits from the peels a course of 4 treatments every two weeks is recommended.  Although one treatment alone will brighten the skin complexion, for acne skin this will help aid in the healing process.  It is also the perfect treatment to have before going to a social event

After the peel, a cooling mask is applied and SPF. This peel has no downtime and you will leave the salon looking fresh and glowing.

A course of 4 treatments is recommended for treating a specific concern. But you will get nice glowing skin with just one treatment.

Buy a course of 4 and receive a free milk peel. 

Environ Lacm Cool peel 55 mins £75

Using a Latic acid peel. Effects of cool peel: smooths wrinkles, lines. improve natural moisturising factors of the skin. reduce and prevent breakouts, lighten superficial pigmentation, reduces redness and scarring  These are designed for exfoliating the top layers of skin, improving cell regeneration. Great for acne, scarring, pitting, pigmentation, sun-damaged, dry thick skin, and open pores.

A course of 6 peels weekly is recommended. Discounts are available on all courses of Skin Peels

Includes; Cleanse, Lacm cool peel 25%, Seaweed cooling masque.

No redness or recovery time. suitable for sensitive skins

Recommends a course of 6 for best

Detox Facial: Lymphatic drainage, 45 mins, £75

This facial is a great way to get a natural lift and to de-puff the face. It uses pressure points in the feet, back, chest, and face which help unblock and tension. Then with lymphatic drainage which is a great combination that helps drain away toxins.

Environ Facial, From £110

This includes Environ vitamin products
Suitable for all skin types and particularly effective at addressing sun damage, pigmentation, premature aging, dryness, uneven skin tone, and scarring

Using a galvanic machine to help penetrate vitamins & antioxidants with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients to the lower layers of the skin from the Environ products into the skin. This can help a variety of skin conditions such as; acne, pigmentation, scarring, and aging.

Prices vary as to the level of Environ the client is using. The higher the level the more active ingredients can be used.

Electrical Facials:  Colour therapy. Diamond peel. Microcurrent

Deep Cleansing facial £125

For oily congested skin

Includes diamond peel exfoliation treatment, Galvanic treatment penetrating healing products to the lower layers of the skin, Extractions, LED Blue and Red therapy to calm any sensitive skin as well as killing any bacteria.

Signature toning facial £105

Using a microcurrent working on areas to tone and lift the underlying muscles while using a Galvanic current to penetrate active serums into the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and plump.

Ultra tone Facial £150

Includes Diamond peel, mild skin peel, A cocktail of vitamin serums such as hyaluronic acid can be penetrated into the skin using a galvanic current, Microcurrent is used to lift and tighten the muscles also working extra on any specific areas of concern.

Full works £200

This combines the luxury of the signature facial with the manual lymphatic massage and extractions with ultra tone facial which includes the galvanic infusion of active ingredients and the lifting and toning from the microcurrent and LED light therapy

Targeted Areas

Eye Lift: Lifts and firms the muscles around the eye, reducing fine lines and wrinkles £55

Jowl Lift: Lifts and firms muscles for a firmer and toned appearance  £55 

These treatments can also be added to any of the other facials

Courses are recommended for the toning treatments to get the best results, the current re programmes the brain after 10 treatments and ideally have at least 2 treatments per week, discounts are available on course.

When you buy a course you pay for 9 and get one free 

  • All electrical treatments cant be carried if you are pregnant if you have any health concerns please ask a doctor if the treatment is suitable.

What is Colour therapy?

Powerful therapy to encourage the body to begin to heal itself. Colour therapy uses coloured lights to rejuvenate, stimulate & activate or calm & decongest the skin and muscles. The led produces a diffused and uniform light that penetrates deeply without damaging the tissue. Cell energy production is increased therefore enabling the cell to absorb active ingredients in the products.

Red: Warming, rejuvenating, energizing, increases circulation, Stimulates skin cell turnover

Blue: Cooling calming, soothing, slows the production of bacteria, calms allergies, Acne & eczema

Green: Reduces redness, pigmentation, activates lymphatic drainage balances sebaceous secretions

Yellow: Warms and tones the skin, promotes the production of new collagen anti-aging, and lifts the mood.

The treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, and a combination of two light therapy and mask £45

You can also add this on to any Facial for £30

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to treat a friend or family member you can  Buy Gift Vouchers through PayPal. We can also design a voucher which we can post or email if you would like to buy them a treatment.

For bookings please call or text: 07984351859
Email: moniquehbeauty@outlook.com

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