Super Omega on special offer this month

super omega
Super omega 3 has helped me in so many different ways, it has been fantastic for my skin ( usually takes at least a couple of months to notice a difference)  it has given a lot of energy & helps me concentrate. I can also say this is a must have for those who suffer from those monthly cramps I can really feel the difference when I don’t take these.
 I was taking the  Super Omega everyday for 4 months when I fractured my arm as well as Skeletal strength which really speeded up my recovery and so fortunate to have full flexibility in my arm.
Here’s more information on Super Omega
Super Omega-3 is one of the most well-known supplements. Our pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process guarantees that only the finest, purest oils, sourced from the flesh of cold-water fish, are used in Super Omega-3.  And unlike other fish oil capsules, Super Omega-3 won’t leave you with a fishy after taste.  That’s because we include pure *natural lemon oil to give a great fresh taste.
•Potent Omega-3 supplement, guaranteed free from radiation, heavy metals, and forms of marine pollution
•Provides 760mg of EPA and 380mg DHA per daily dose of two capsules
•Natural lemon*oil has been added  for a pleasant taste
•Omega-3’s have been well researched and found to have multiple health benefits across most body systems helping manage behaviour problems in adolescents and young adults, and to help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
•The formation of healthy brain and eye tissue during foetal development, and maintaining them into old age
•Many fitness industry professionals use Omega-3 EFA’s to help clients with weight management
•Skin conditions, including dry skin and eczema have also shown improvement
•Each capsule is hermetically sealed during encapsulation to prevent oxygen reacting with the oils
*Please note that due to a temporary reformulation, the current stock of this product does not contain lemon oil.
Always consult your Doctor or Pharmacist before taking food supplements when you are on prescribed medication.  Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.
If your stock does not have the lemon oil and you have an issue with the oil repeating on you, put it in the freezer instead of the fridge once opened, and if this does not help take some Proacazyme with it.
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