Combating dry skin

As the days are getting colder and duller we find ourselves inside more with the heating on and you will probably find that your skin maybe come more sensitive due to the change in temperatures.

I have found some lovely products which will help protect your skin and keep you hydrated over the next couple of months.

Here are some of my favourite winter rescue remedies…

Barefoot botanicals 

I really love the Barefoot product range as it helps soothe sensitive skins as well as keeping it hydrated.  It does all this without  you feeling as though you have a thick cream on your skin – as its doesnt sit on the surface. They have a range of organic products which are suited for sensitive skins, but a must have this winter is their SOS cream.

You can use this on your face and body and is great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers


Ren Mayday Mayday Rescue balm

This balm contains Lactic Acid which helps improve the condition of peeling and chapped skin while Prebiotic Oligosaccharides and Antileukine from Ochroleuca Seaweed Extract protect the skin against inflammation. Chamomile and Pink Violet help to calm redness and soothe minor irritation.

It is great for dry, very dry, irritated, chapped or peeling skin and is especially suitable for dry areas, such as hands, elbows, lips, knees and any area where extra TLC is needed.

£21  Ren mayday mayday rescue balm

Gently exfoliate

For those who suffer from dry flakey skin, remember that the flaking skin is dead skin so no matter how much moisturizer you use on it – it’s not going to help – you have to  remove the dead skin before moisturising.

I am always telling people to invest in a good exfoliator. There are many exfoliators on the market but you need to be careful to choose a good one. Many contain quite coarse granules and it may look and feel as though it is doing a good job  but what you will not see is that the coarse granules  will actually be scratching your skin  and making it more sensitive.

I am a ‘HUGE’ fan of the Trilogy exfoliator I may have mentioned it a few times now but it really is  the best one I have come across in years.  As well as being moisturising you can really feel the granules but without it irritating the skin.

I have recently started using the Arbonne exfoliator. I would recommend it for those with very sensitive skins. You can only slightly feel the granules and you can leave this on like a mask. It has a lovely fresh smell and the results are great – leaving your skin clean and glowing.

To purchase this product you need to contact a consultant

Monique 07984351859

*  A great tip is to use the exfoliator on your lips –  this will help soften and smooth the lips and help with any flakeyness!

Oil it up

Oils are fantastic for dry skin – you should be using them all year round or if you have kept one stored in your beauty box –  this is the time to bring it out! They penetrate a lot deeper into the skin than creams and really moisturize the skin.

Which one to choose?

I have recently been taking Optimum blend oil from Holland and Barratt. This is one of their organic oils which I love. Ok I know this is a supplement – but trust me it also works as a fantastic face oil.  I came across this as I had  run out of face oil and that day I had been talking to another therapist about piercing Vitamin E capules and applying the oil to the skin. As I was taking the Optimum blend oil as a supplement – I thought I would see what it was like as a face oil- and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results the following day. It had helped reduce a rash I had on one  cheek and my skin looked fantastic.

The oil contains Omega 3 and 6 – as Omega helps with inflammation it is also great for ezcema and you can use it anywhere on the body. A client of mine found it worked great on her hair line. The only drawback its that it smells a bit like cooking oil  (thankfully not fish oil ) but an easy way to get around this is to buy organic essential oils such as rose, lavender or camomile and mix the two – although use no more that 10 drops of essential oil.

 A few other brands

Here are a few other brands which I would recommend as a winter wonder.


The majority of people find that their lips become dryer in winter.  I personally don’t use lip balm that often as I found I kept needing to apply more and more – I then discovered  that it was all to do with certain ingredients they have put inside.

I have tried many organic balms but quite a few are scented with essential oils which I really didn’t like the taste of. However my favourite so far is – Balm Balm with Rose & geranium.

£4.50 balm-balm-lipcare

A few of my favourite winter products

I wrote a blog last year highlightinga few of my favourite winter products and they are still my top 10 products

A Few of my favourite winter products

Let me know how you get on with these products?

Have you used any of these before  and how did you find them?


Product of Week

I have decided that each week I am going to share with you one of my favorite products that I am currently using.

This week my favourite pick is…

Silver Shield

With so many colds and flu’s around I have started to protect myself from those nasty germs that I face on a day to day basis. My life consists of using public transport (tube, trains) almost every day and being in constant contact with people.

I started using Silver Shield by Natures Sunshine last year and noticed that I hardly became ill at all, especially when everyone around me seemed to be suffering from colds. So I highly recommend it, especially if you work with a lot of people, or around children.

I have spoken to the company and found out that this is safe to use on babies and children. They always pick up so many nasty colds and I always find that when you catch a cold from them it always seem ten times worse. It is great that you can use this product as a prevention from illness – as over the counter cold remedies are full of chemicals and contain lot of sugar and flavourings.

Silver shield is a natural antibiotic and has many other uses. It is an excellent disinfectant and can be used to clean surfaces. A tip from a client is that they take this on holiday firstly to prevent catching illness off the place. They also take it before eating to prevent an upset stomach.

If you have a food allergy such as wheat and dairy – take silver Shield before eating and you wont get as bad side effects.

It doesn’t really have a taste so it’s a bit like taking water. Natures Sunshine recommends a teaspoon a day but if you are ill or going to be surrounded by ill people you can take more. If you are protecting yourself against food they recommend you pour some on your food or take it before you eat to kill off any bacteria

This product is definitely something you should have in your cupboard.

Naturessunshine Silver Shield (Click here to buy or find our more)

Let me know your feedback on this product and if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Make sure you take a look at my blog every week to see what product I recommend.


Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you for everyone’s help and support & loyalty especially to all her regular clients.

MoniqueHBeauty  is very happy to have Celebrated its 5 birthday this month

My way of saying thank you is that I have designed a special offer from today: When you book your Signature or Deluxe facial you will receive a complementary back massage.

offer ends 15/12/2012

I have made a few changes and updated my blog page.

Have a look at what I have done

*I designed a new treatment menu still keeping th signature facial but adding new and exciting facial treatments Stronger peels, massage and body treatments, Mother to be treatments wedding packages and course are now available.

Treatment Menu

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Neck Jaw and Chin toning techniques

As we get older, the muscles on our face, jaw, neck and chin sag. Unfortunately this a common complaint for all ageing women and men.

I am going to show you some techniques which will keep your skin looking beautiful and toned. You can use the techniques at any age and at any time, but I recommend you start from the age of 21.

I have written this as it is a common concern of ageing – it can also be useful if you have lost weight and want to get rid of that double chin without spending a lot of money on creams or surgery.

Certain products we apply to our face, can only penetrate to the superficial layers of the skin. They will keep your skin hydrated but you will find that it will not have an amazing effect on the muscle tone, as it doesn’t target the lower layers of the skin and deep into the muscle. To tone the muscles we need to do a bit of work ourselves through facial exercises. It is however, still a good idea to keep applying cream and use a good spf to protect against pigmentation which is caused from sun damage. I would recommend Environ AVST range as it contains vitamin A, C & E which are high antioxidents and Rad for the spf protection.

We all realize that as we get older our body muscles begin to sag, and so we go to the gym to tighten and strengthen them. It is exactly the same for skin and so we need to take a similar approach to strengthen and tone the muscles in our face and neck.

The most common thing I hear from clients is that they ‘dont have time’ ( I’m even guilty of saying it myself!) but if ageing is something that you are concerned about – make it essential that you fit these techniques in your life, just like we always remember to brush our teeth at night.

You can always do them while watching TV, or waiting for the kettle to boil, or even in the shower. A client told me that as you get older your ankles weaken, so she stands on one foot at a time while she brushes her teeth.

Here are some simple techniques to help strengthen the muscles on the neck, chin and jaw.

Here are a few simple techniques you can follow…

1. The big smile

  • Stand up tall, lift and stretch your neck up
  • Put your bottom lip over your top lip
  • Give yourself a big smile
  • Place your hands either side of your jaw
  • Massage up to your temples and hold for 5/10 seconds
  • Relax
  • Do this 5/10 times every day
  • Very simple!

The side chin lift

The side chin lift is a yoga facial exercise that engages the muscles of your neck and face.

  • Relax your shoulders and stand or sit with your back straight.
  • Clench the teeth gently and widen the mouth, as if in a loose smile.
  • Lift the neck tall and turn your head to the left.
  • Tilt your chin diagonally up toward the ceiling while pressing your tongue to the top of your mouth and hold for five to eight counts.

Bring your head back to the front and repeat the entire sequence on the right side. Do five to eight repetitions on each side.

3. Chew yourself beautiful

  • Sit up right and tilt your head up as if your looking at the ceiling
  • Keep your lips closed and start doing a chewing motion
  • You should feel your muscles work in your neck and throat

4. Stick your tongue out to those wrinkles

  • Sit up straight and look up to the ceiling
  • keeping lips relaxed
  • open your mouth and stick you tongue out
  • try and touch the tip of your tongue with your chin
  • Leave it in that position for 10 seconds
  • Return to normal

5, Jaw droppingly beautiful skin

  • Sit up straight and face forward
  • Keep your lips together
  • separate your jaw by dropping your jaw
  • Push jaw forwards
  • Hold for 10/15 seconds

Please let me know how you get on with these exercises – do you have any tips to share?

Pre order your Environ new gift set

Pre Order your Environ Gift Set ideal for a present or for personal use
Now that Autumn is upon us, Christmas is just round the corner! With this in mind, we’ve launched our fabulous Environ® Gift Box, which makes a perfect present for someone special. It contains some of our most popular products

The Christmas box contains: AVST (any level), AVST Cleansing Lotion, AVST Moisturising Toner, C-Quence Eye Gel, FREE full size C-Boost, FREE mini Colostrum Gel and FREE Hydrating Oil Capsules (10)Pre order you gift set for the AVST level 1-3 £137.95
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P&P is available for an extra £5.00
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To order products or have any questions about the Environ range please contact me either on
or Email

Summer Blues

Here are a few of my favourite products which will help you combat the post summer blues…

CIATE Velvet manicure in blue suede

Watch out for this amazing new look on nails.

The finished effect is unlike any other, giving an indulgent velvety coat to your manicure

All you have to do is apply the polish, tap on the powder then brush off the excess. The effect is a velvet textured nail with a sophisticated velvety matt finish.

This home kit has been created by CIATE.


Laura Mercier Tightline cake Deep teal eyeliner

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner is really easy to apply as it glides on smoothly

It is a fantastic colour and lasts all day without fading.

It is dermatologically and allergy tested to minimize the risk of allergy and irritation.



Becca Jewel Dust

This playful powder colour can be used on its own or layered over neutral eye shadows,  giving your eyes a sparkly look.


Nicole by OPI

Nicole by OPI joins the Kardashian/Jenner family in announcing the launch of Kardashian Kolors, Ok I know OPI aren’t an organic company but from my expericence as a nail technician of 10 years I am a big fan of the OPI colours and how well the varnish lasts & this is my current favourite colour

The New Approach to Peeling

Environ has now launched The LACM Home Peel Kit which empowers you to continue getting the benefits of the new Environ® Cool Peel treatment at home.
Maintains the results of the in-salon treatment Addresses rosacea, problem skin and photo damage

Protects the epidermis
Gentle yet powerful formulation
Promotes the release of growth factors
Aids in the production of collagen for smoother skin
Achieves incredible results with no redness or recovery time

Effects of LACM peel

  • Thicken epidermis
  • Smooth wrinkles and lines
  • Improve natural moisturising factors of the skin
  • Improve skins radiance
  • Reduce and prevent breakouts
  • Lighten superficial pigmentation
  • Reduce redness
  • Reduce scarring
£79.95 P&P can be arranged with an extra £4
For more information you can contact Monique at
07984 351859
The Lacm cool peel treatments will be available in the salon soon

Experts Recommend Vitamin D

Research revealed today recommends that “Fair-skinned people who are prone to sunburn may need to take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D.”
Supplements are already recommended for groups at higher risk of deficiency. This includes people with dark skin, such as people of African-Caribbean and South Asian origin, and people who wear full-body coverings, as well as the elderly, young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people who avoid the sun.
Based on the latest findings, it appears that pale-skinned people should be added to this list.
Vitamin D ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin best known for its roles in preventing rickets and maintaining proper levels of calcium in the blood.  The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ is generally acquired by the body in two ways – exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and dietary intake.
Vitamin is an important factor in the maintenance of good health, furthermore Vitamin D helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and the absorption and use of calcium & phosphorus.
Studies also suggest that Vitamin D may play a part in slowing the ageing process and the onset of age-related diseases. Anti-Ageing Researchers theorise that inflammation and oxidative stress play roles in the ageing process, and that Vitamin D decreases the levels of compounds that may cause inflammation in the body.
Findings from a study published in 2007 suggest that Vitamin D may play a part in slowing the ageing process and the onset of age-related diseases
High Demand For Winter Months
Nature’s Sunshine’s Vitamin D is an ideal supplement for the autumn and winter months when many of us often don’t see the sun on a daily basis.
In fact, last November Nature’s Sunshine experienced such a high demand for our Vitamin D product that our stocks were totally depleted and extra supplies had to shipped in on a special delivery to meet distributor orders.
Prepare now for the cold dark days of winter order your Vitamin D now £9.95

A Few of My Favourite Homemade Hair Recipes

After having a really busy month I finally had a spare evening and really wanted to treat myself. I thought about having a relaxing bath, a nice face mask and a hair treatment but I hadn’t had the time to think about buying any nice products. Then I realized –  I could simply make my own! You can find some of the best natural treatments in your cupboards at home.

I know there are many people in the same situation, those working long hours, busy mums, or those of us who just don’t have time to research or decide what type of product to choose from the thousands out there.

Here is a guide to some quick, easy and effective recipes which you can find already sitting in your cupboards and growing in the garden.

Today I’m going to give you a couple of tips for beautiful hair. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to my blog to keep updated with more beauty tips and tricks.

Hair treatments

Hair & Scalp conditioning oil

This treatment is great for all hair types and for both men & women. A lot of our ordinary shampoos contain a lot of harsh ingredients which strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Colouring and using heat on the hair also damages and drys the hair.

This treatment is especially good for those of you who..

  • suffer from dry/ flakey scalp
  • have Dry/ brittle hair
  • Hair loss ( use rosemary)
  • Coloured hair
  • those who just want extra hydration

This is such a simple recipe to follow all you need is:

1. Favourite base oil. Such as Olive oil, sunflower oil, Almond oil,  Safflower oil, Jojoba oil

2. Flower or herb. Rosemary & Sage (great for dark hair) or Chamomile (great for blonde hair)


All you need to do is find a glass/ kilner jar with a lid, place the chosen herb or plant crush lightly so you break the herb then pour the oil make sure it covers all the herb or plant. Leave for two weeks to get best results

* Note if you want to use the treatment that day – you can place the ingredients in a glass bowl, cover it and place it  over a pan of boiling water.  Do this for 30 minutes – 1 hr

Top tips

While the oil is in the hair give yourself a nice 5/10 minute massage this will get the circulation and blood flowing. This is fantastic for those who are suffering from hair loss and would like their hair to grow quicker.

To get extra benefits soak, a towel in hot water and wrap it over the hair. This feels lovely and the heat will open the pores and penetrate the oils better into the hair

For very dry hair if you can do this once a week, ideally sleep with the oil in the hair ( use an old pillow case)

You may need to wash the hair twice to get rid of all the oil. Make sure you use a sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo

 Vinegar Hair Rinse

Vinegar rinse is used just after you wash your hair and gives it a really great shine. It helps restore the natural acid balance of the scalp and helps with dry flakey scalps.

Instructions are exactly the same as the hair oil treatment so you can do these both at the same.

Use either White wine Vinegar or Cider Vinegar

You can also play around with different flowers such as

  • Rose for dry scalp,
  • Lavender, jasmine for a lovely scent
  • Chamomile for fair and irritated scalp

Avocado Hair Mask

This treatment is perfect to use in the summer months to boost hydration back into dry/ dehydrated hair. The treatment is rich with proteins and vitamins which help hair regain its nutrition, elasticity, shine and body.  Avocados contain more than 25 essential nutrients and vitamins, such as B-vitamins – along with benefits from the other ingredients (egg yolk and Olive oil) – the treatment is perfect for conditioning the hair.

Ingredients  1 avocado, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of  Olive oil.

 Wet the hair with warm water then use the fingertips to massage the scalp.

  1. Mix (a) one mashed  Avocado, (b) the yolk of an egg and (c) a tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl.  Make sure you mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Apply the mixture to the scalp first and then down towards the ends of the hair. Separate hair into sections and then massage sections.

Leave on for 15- 20 minuts

Top tips

Only use the mask half-way through hair for oily hair.  For normal hair, once the treatment is applied, it should be separated into sections and massaged into the scalp.

A few of my favourite beautifully British products

Here are a few of my favourite beautifully British home made products

With a big hype on the Queen’s Jubilee I have put together a few of my favourite British Products. I also think with current financial climate we should support our own country’s small businesses who make such wonderful products. The products I am going to reveal to you are made with care and will be much better for your skin than products from big companies that produce to the mass market pumped with loads of chemicals rather than actually caring for the consumers’ needs.

Laughing Bird

Tucked away in a converted stable situated in the village of Sling, North Wales, business partners Mark Thistlethwaite and Helen Lowe have developed their dream of using the very best of local and home-grown ingredients alongside fairly traded produce to create a sumptuous, wholesome and affordable range of body care products.

I have tried and love all their products but this Shea & Coca butter body cream with Moringa oil smells amazings and reasonalbe priced


Laughingbird-bodycare with Moringa Oil

Ruby Red

I have been waiting to advertise this product as it is one of my favourite

foot creams and this is the best time of year to use it. It is great for those who love sports and it’s great to use after a run or after a long walk also for those who are in late pregnancy it has a nice cooling effect and also very mositurising


Peppermint Foot and  Leg Cream

Oskia  Get up and Glow

This one of Oskia’s best selling product.

 A soothing water-based gel/serum that feels smoothing and soothing on application. It feels amazing on the skin and packed clincially proven nutrients such as MSM, Ribose, Butterbur, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid to leave your skin looking younger, healthier and brighter skin. Great to use before applying make up to give you that extra glow.

Oskia has been voted Best British Brand

oskiaskincare. Get up and Glow


Organic face cleanser

This is a very nourishing face cleanser and can work on all skin types from dry sensitive to acne prone skins. It is made with Coconut oil and shea butter which are both rich with vitamin E and have great moisturizing properties.
Natural Empathy

Natural Empathy is another British award winning product range which is proud to celebrate the british countryside. They have combined their two highly acclaimed beautifully British products, the lotion and top to toe wash, in this fabulous patriotic gift set. This light, silky smooth and non-greasy lotion is wonderfully moisturising and the sls free top to toe wash with a natural Cedarwood, English lavender and the hint of patchouli fragrance is gentle and kind to skin and hair. A welcome slice of British loveliness for discerning Ladies and Gentlemen.


Beautifully british gift