A few of my favourite beautifully British products

Here are a few of my favourite beautifully British home made products

With a big hype on the Queen’s Jubilee I have put together a few of my favourite British Products. I also think with current financial climate we should support our own country’s small businesses who make such wonderful products. The products I am going to reveal to you are made with care and will be much better for your skin than products from big companies that produce to the mass market pumped with loads of chemicals rather than actually caring for the consumers’ needs.

Laughing Bird

Tucked away in a converted stable situated in the village of Sling, North Wales, business partners Mark Thistlethwaite and Helen Lowe have developed their dream of using the very best of local and home-grown ingredients alongside fairly traded produce to create a sumptuous, wholesome and affordable range of body care products.

I have tried and love all their products but this Shea & Coca butter body cream with Moringa oil smells amazings and reasonalbe priced


Laughingbird-bodycare with Moringa Oil

Ruby Red

I have been waiting to advertise this product as it is one of my favourite

foot creams and this is the best time of year to use it. It is great for those who love sports and it’s great to use after a run or after a long walk also for those who are in late pregnancy it has a nice cooling effect and also very mositurising


Peppermint Foot and  Leg Cream

Oskia  Get up and Glow

This one of Oskia’s best selling product.

 A soothing water-based gel/serum that feels smoothing and soothing on application. It feels amazing on the skin and packed clincially proven nutrients such as MSM, Ribose, Butterbur, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid to leave your skin looking younger, healthier and brighter skin. Great to use before applying make up to give you that extra glow.

Oskia has been voted Best British Brand

oskiaskincare. Get up and Glow


Organic face cleanser

This is a very nourishing face cleanser and can work on all skin types from dry sensitive to acne prone skins. It is made with Coconut oil and shea butter which are both rich with vitamin E and have great moisturizing properties.
Natural Empathy

Natural Empathy is another British award winning product range which is proud to celebrate the british countryside. They have combined their two highly acclaimed beautifully British products, the lotion and top to toe wash, in this fabulous patriotic gift set. This light, silky smooth and non-greasy lotion is wonderfully moisturising and the sls free top to toe wash with a natural Cedarwood, English lavender and the hint of patchouli fragrance is gentle and kind to skin and hair. A welcome slice of British loveliness for discerning Ladies and Gentlemen.


Beautifully british gift