Combating dry skin

As the days are getting colder and duller we find ourselves inside more with the heating on and you will probably find that your skin maybe come more sensitive due to the change in temperatures.

I have found some lovely products which will help protect your skin and keep you hydrated over the next couple of months.

Here are some of my favourite winter rescue remedies…

Barefoot botanicals 

I really love the Barefoot product range as it helps soothe sensitive skins as well as keeping it hydrated.  It does all this without  you feeling as though you have a thick cream on your skin – as its doesnt sit on the surface. They have a range of organic products which are suited for sensitive skins, but a must have this winter is their SOS cream.

You can use this on your face and body and is great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers


Ren Mayday Mayday Rescue balm

This balm contains Lactic Acid which helps improve the condition of peeling and chapped skin while Prebiotic Oligosaccharides and Antileukine from Ochroleuca Seaweed Extract protect the skin against inflammation. Chamomile and Pink Violet help to calm redness and soothe minor irritation.

It is great for dry, very dry, irritated, chapped or peeling skin and is especially suitable for dry areas, such as hands, elbows, lips, knees and any area where extra TLC is needed.

£21  Ren mayday mayday rescue balm

Gently exfoliate

For those who suffer from dry flakey skin, remember that the flaking skin is dead skin so no matter how much moisturizer you use on it – it’s not going to help – you have to  remove the dead skin before moisturising.

I am always telling people to invest in a good exfoliator. There are many exfoliators on the market but you need to be careful to choose a good one. Many contain quite coarse granules and it may look and feel as though it is doing a good job  but what you will not see is that the coarse granules  will actually be scratching your skin  and making it more sensitive.

I am a ‘HUGE’ fan of the Trilogy exfoliator I may have mentioned it a few times now but it really is  the best one I have come across in years.  As well as being moisturising you can really feel the granules but without it irritating the skin.

I have recently started using the Arbonne exfoliator. I would recommend it for those with very sensitive skins. You can only slightly feel the granules and you can leave this on like a mask. It has a lovely fresh smell and the results are great – leaving your skin clean and glowing.

To purchase this product you need to contact a consultant

Monique 07984351859

*  A great tip is to use the exfoliator on your lips –  this will help soften and smooth the lips and help with any flakeyness!

Oil it up

Oils are fantastic for dry skin – you should be using them all year round or if you have kept one stored in your beauty box –  this is the time to bring it out! They penetrate a lot deeper into the skin than creams and really moisturize the skin.

Which one to choose?

I have recently been taking Optimum blend oil from Holland and Barratt. This is one of their organic oils which I love. Ok I know this is a supplement – but trust me it also works as a fantastic face oil.  I came across this as I had  run out of face oil and that day I had been talking to another therapist about piercing Vitamin E capules and applying the oil to the skin. As I was taking the Optimum blend oil as a supplement – I thought I would see what it was like as a face oil- and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results the following day. It had helped reduce a rash I had on one  cheek and my skin looked fantastic.

The oil contains Omega 3 and 6 – as Omega helps with inflammation it is also great for ezcema and you can use it anywhere on the body. A client of mine found it worked great on her hair line. The only drawback its that it smells a bit like cooking oil  (thankfully not fish oil ) but an easy way to get around this is to buy organic essential oils such as rose, lavender or camomile and mix the two – although use no more that 10 drops of essential oil.

 A few other brands

Here are a few other brands which I would recommend as a winter wonder.


The majority of people find that their lips become dryer in winter.  I personally don’t use lip balm that often as I found I kept needing to apply more and more – I then discovered  that it was all to do with certain ingredients they have put inside.

I have tried many organic balms but quite a few are scented with essential oils which I really didn’t like the taste of. However my favourite so far is – Balm Balm with Rose & geranium.

£4.50 balm-balm-lipcare

A few of my favourite winter products

I wrote a blog last year highlightinga few of my favourite winter products and they are still my top 10 products

A Few of my favourite winter products

Let me know how you get on with these products?

Have you used any of these before  and how did you find them?

A few of my favourite things…which should definitely be on your gift lists this year!


Ive been looking around to find you some best organic beauty gift sets from some of my favourite companies.

1. Raw GaiaBath time heaven gift set

This bath set sounds like heaven and is a great gift for all those chocolate lovers out there

Raw Gaia ingredients are organic, cruelty free, endorsed by the vegan society and are free from chemicals

This set contains:

Chocolate orange bath soak, Chocolate face pack, Rose and Geranium soap & Raw chocolate pieces      £28.49

2. RENMini Rose trio gift set

The Moroccon Rose Otto is one of my favourites from the Ren range- this set offers you the opportunity to have taste of each of the body products in the range.

Ren products contain as little chemicals as possible

as they are paraben and petrochemical free

This set contains

  • 50ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash
  • 50ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream
  • 30ml Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil


3. Pai Tranquiltiy bath and body collection

These bath and body oils are divine I first started to use Pai’s Lip balm and then fell in love with the rest of the range!

This company is certified organic by the soil association

This set contains:

  • Jasmine and May chung Emuslifying bath oil 50 ml
  • Jasmine and May chung Norishing oil


4. Nubo – Set de Voyage

This product may be a little more expensive than the previous ranges but this is a fantastic cosmetic range which mixes powerful science with nature.

It is paraben and petro chemical free. Its luxurious formulas promote a supple, re-hydrated complexion.

This gift is great if you want to spend a little more on a special person  Its also a great way to try the range or for anyone who travels a lot

This set contains:  Day Performance SPF 20,   The Essence,      Overnight Recharge.     3 x 10ml (travel sizes).


5.  For Him Neals Yard Grooming collection

I have always been a fan of the Neals yard products and this Grooming kit is great to get

the Men into a grooming routine

This set contains:

  • NYR Men Purifying Face Wash 50 ml – Energising and refreshing
  • NYR Men Close Shave Cream 50 ml – Softening and replenishing
  • NYR Men Rejuvenating Moisturiser 20 g – Firming and nourishing
  • NYR Men Invigorating Body Wash 100 ml – Refreshing and rejuvenating