Festival Favourites

Festival favourites

The festival season is just about to start so I have come up with a few must have beauty products to get through the weekend.
I have been to a few camping festivals in the past including Glastonbury last year. I asked a few experienced festival goers  – what essential products  should you take to a festival? 

The first thing I worried about was what would I be eating. It was a long journey from the car to the campsite so I knew I needed to pack lightly. The food was relatively cheap with some quite healthy but with that extra drinking (if that applies to you) or fast food it’s always good to have some extra supplies.

Here are a few of my festival favourites…



Antioxidant drink

This is my saviour product especially if by mistake you drink more than you ought to.  Have a couple of shots of this before you sleep.  It’s very high in antioxidants so it will help kill off any free radical damage and I found that I would wake up feeling well. This is also great for those who have a low immune system – it will prevent you getting ill.

Please contact me tmonique.1uk@gmail.com


Synerprotein_original Shake powder

I have heard some of these festivals are now providing a big choice on healthy foods. This is a great shake to have first thing in the morning preventing that hunger feeling. It will also provide you with all the nutrients you need for the day.

The pot this comes in is  quite big to carry, so best to empty the amount you need into a plastic bag that will seal easily.

Please contact me to order: Monique.1uk@gmail.com

Muslin clothsMuslin Cloth

You may be tempted with face-wipes as the ideal travel make-up remover, however they do contain a lot of chemicals and I know for myself  I have sensitive skin so I can come up in a rash. I also find they leave a residue and so your face is not totally clean.

A great tip is to buy a few muslin cloths, decant your cleanser into a smaller bottle so it is not too heavy to carry, massage into the face and wipe off with a cloth it maybe a little bit more pricey but you can keep and re-use the cloths afterwards.

Here is a website where you can buy a pack of organic cloths

Neals yard wild rose beauty balmNeals Yard wild rose

This is a great 3 in 1 product

You can use this as a cleanser which you can remove with a muslin cloth its an effective cleanser removing all makeup with out drying the skin,

This is also a fantastic night balm apply before going to sleep and leaves the skin hydrated and glowing and great to use on dry areas such as elbows knees and the lips.

* the packing can be slightly heavy but you can put what you need in a lighter container

Dry Shampoo – Klorane

Everyone I asked this was in their top ten must-take items! Batiste is a common favourite, however if you are looking for a more gentle formulation. I would recommend Klorane which contains soothing oat milk.

If you are on a budget You can also use cornstarch as this is the main ingredient in some of the products being sold it helps soak up the grease.

Nilaqua Waterlesss Body productsWaterless body products

This is great as an alcohol-free no-rinse body wash collection. These products are ideal at a festival  as having a decent shower may not be possible!

MAC eyeliner

This is my favorite eyeliner of all times. I would recommend the MAC pro longwear pencil. You can feel confident that it will last the whole day and won’t smudge under the eyes if its rains – this is especially good news due to  the lack of mirrors in the toilets!

Bare essentials mineral powder

This is a light powder which give great coverage.  Mineral based powders do not block the pores so its ok if you forget to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. It also contains a spf 15 with titanium dioxde which will protect your skin in the (hopefully!) sunny weather.

If you have any other top tips or must take products – please tell me in the comments box below!


A few of my favourite things…which should definitely be on your gift lists this year!


Ive been looking around to find you some best organic beauty gift sets from some of my favourite companies.

1. Raw GaiaBath time heaven gift set

This bath set sounds like heaven and is a great gift for all those chocolate lovers out there

Raw Gaia ingredients are organic, cruelty free, endorsed by the vegan society and are free from chemicals

This set contains:

Chocolate orange bath soak, Chocolate face pack, Rose and Geranium soap & Raw chocolate pieces      £28.49

2. RENMini Rose trio gift set

The Moroccon Rose Otto is one of my favourites from the Ren range- this set offers you the opportunity to have taste of each of the body products in the range.

Ren products contain as little chemicals as possible

as they are paraben and petrochemical free

This set contains

  • 50ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash
  • 50ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream
  • 30ml Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil


3. Pai Tranquiltiy bath and body collection

These bath and body oils are divine I first started to use Pai’s Lip balm and then fell in love with the rest of the range!

This company is certified organic by the soil association

This set contains:

  • Jasmine and May chung Emuslifying bath oil 50 ml
  • Jasmine and May chung Norishing oil


4. Nubo – Set de Voyage

This product may be a little more expensive than the previous ranges but this is a fantastic cosmetic range which mixes powerful science with nature.

It is paraben and petro chemical free. Its luxurious formulas promote a supple, re-hydrated complexion.

This gift is great if you want to spend a little more on a special person  Its also a great way to try the range or for anyone who travels a lot

This set contains:  Day Performance SPF 20,   The Essence,      Overnight Recharge.     3 x 10ml (travel sizes).


5.  For Him Neals Yard Grooming collection

I have always been a fan of the Neals yard products and this Grooming kit is great to get

the Men into a grooming routine

This set contains:

  • NYR Men Purifying Face Wash 50 ml – Energising and refreshing
  • NYR Men Close Shave Cream 50 ml – Softening and replenishing
  • NYR Men Rejuvenating Moisturiser 20 g – Firming and nourishing
  • NYR Men Invigorating Body Wash 100 ml – Refreshing and rejuvenating