Festival Favourites


Festival favourites

The festival season is just about to start so I have come up with a few must have beauty products to get through the weekend.
I have been to a few camping festivals in the past including Glastonbury last year. I asked a few experienced festival goers  – what essential products  should you take to a festival? 

The first thing I worried about was what would I be eating. It was a long journey from the car to the campsite so I knew I needed to pack lightly. The food was relatively cheap with some quite healthy but with that extra drinking (if that applies to you) or fast food it’s always good to have some extra supplies.

Here are a few of my festival favourites…



Antioxidant drink

This is my saviour product especially if by mistake you drink more than you ought to.  Have a couple of shots of this before…

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One thought on “Festival Favourites

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